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I love the poem “The Journey” from Mary Oliver. If you are being called to grow in your life, to shift direction or return to yourself, you have to read this one: (it’s about halfway down the page) The poem at the top, Wild Geese, is a favorite of mine as well…

Today I will live in the faith that all of the things that make me cry are as important as the exact amount of time it takes the whipped cream on my three year old’s sundae to melt.

That I don’t know everything, although I tire each day of trying
Such as the pattern of the tapestry of the universe that so delicately nudges me to turn left or right with the softness of a kiss.

Just for today I will forget even the secret wishes that I hold in my heart like tiny unopened gifts.

I will marvel at my own essence and see if I can’t feel each strand of hair hold on tightly in the damp breeze.

I know that nothing matters as deeply as the depth of my own heart
And the limitless love for presence in this life.

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