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What would your body say to you if it could talk? This is your body and it deserves your time and, in fact, it has been waiting to speak to you. Sometimes it does this through illness, headaches, stiff muscles or exhaustion. Sit with your body for just a little while in a peaceful place where you can be still enough to hear your body’s voice.

Maybe your body is saying “See me!” or “I need rest!” or something even deeper like, “Why don’t you love me?” or “Where have you been?”

Your body is YOU! It’s not the enemy and if you were to stop and listen you would begin work that will lead you to love and be connected with your wonderful body. Keep listening! Maybe you can set aside some time, ideally where you can be alone with yourself for at least a half-hour.

You might hear things that you don’t want to hear and you might be afraid of that but once you become conscious of what it is, once it’s acknowledged, it loses it’s power. Believe me, this is one of the most profound things you can do for yourself. Give yourself this gift that will change your life.

Is there something in your head or heart that needs to be cleared? Often that will show up as thinking about something or someone often – often enough that you will ask yourself why. You will probably get to the point where you will say to yourself you are being ridiculous thinking about that situation or person. If it persists you need to surrender yourself to it. Go ahead and say to yourself, I can see these thoughts and emotions are here for a reason. I’m safe where I stand right now and I’m able to look back and surrender to whatever work needs to be done.

You might find it’s not much of anything and the thoughts simply drift away. If it is something you need to look at, you’ll feel it. There is a good chance you’ll cry right out of the blue and completely surprise yourself by the reaction you’ll have.  Keep surrendering to it. If it’s coming to you you have the strength needed to deal with it.

I’ll give you an example. Recently I remembered someone, my first “boyfriend” when I was in eighth grade – Mark Merrill. OMG that was about 28 years ago ! So, you can see it was really odd that out of the blue this person came up. And, he really came up. I hadn’t thought about him in sooo many years and suddenly I thought about him all the time for a week or so. I thought it was ridiculous but then I remembered that I should surrender. This person was visiting my memories for a reason. Then, out of nowhere I felt this sadness like a lump in my throat and I cried. I really liked this person and we only went out for a few months but then I moved away and I had to leave him. My heart broke. I’m sure I cried at the time but it wasn’t entirely out of my system. So, after I cried I put it together that I hadn’t completely grieved and then, guess what… I might think of him like right now writing this but it’s not visiting me every day as it was for that short period of time. I know for a fact that that energy is now cleared from my blueprint. It feels good. It was a sad memory but it needed to be cleared.

Can you relate to that? Next time it happens, just surrender. If it turns out to be more that you wish to handle, simply tell yourself that it’s not the right time and you will clear it later. That will signal your conscious self to rest and send it to you sometime in the future when you are ready.

Be sure to notice the small stuff and to give that stuff room to clear as well. Best health to you!!

~ Sonia

Love this quote from Wavy Gravy!
I am blessed with a circle of friends that are truly great people, nice people, pleasant, supportive… However, there are people in all of our lives that make us feel less… Less important, less competent, less funny, less self-assured… You know what I’m talking about. Since we cannot always avoid these people it’s important that we remember that we are all the same. Not only the same but we all have bad days, we all make mistakes and what we need to do is remember that we all do it – some handling it more gracefully than others… And, we are all just Bozos on the bus – none of us more or less important than anyone else. Enjoy this beautiful summer day!! Sonia

I feel like so many people talk about gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal and I’m going to be another one of them! I think it’s something to be reminded of. No matter where you are or what’s going on there will always be something to be grateful for. And, talking about energy work… if you regularly concentrate on what you are grateful for the universe will send you more things to be grateful for. Try it! The best way is to keep a journal or make a note on your phone of three things that you are grateful for each day. If you can’t find anything, dig deep. If it’s a person, you might want to tell them you are grateful for having them in your life. Make someone’s day!

One thing I am NOT grateful for is the 100 degree temp here in NY. Don’t push yourself. Keep your responsibilities to a minimum and know your limits.

Until next time!

~ Sonia

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