This is a special site – this lady has been on HGTV. Her expertise is in refinishing furniture and reselling antiques. Check it out! Little Cherry Vintage.

Oh the power…

I had a really awful experience at an apple orchard about an hour north of my house. When we got there, there was an employee that screamed at us to drive by and leave (not just us, A LOT of cars) despite the fact there were a lot of spaces available and with no other parking options. Just like that, we turned around and went home.  So… I shared my opinion online. Nothing crazy – just the facts. The orchard got in touch, apologized online to me and explained that they had no idea that was going on. I said I was so sorry, I didn’t understand that and took the reviews off immediately. They offered me a lifetime free membership to visit for free including one small bushel of apples for free. They did something for other cars that were turned away that same day. My family and I happened to have a great time there when we went last weekend – free or not, it was really fun and well-run. Great farm store. Just overall nice experience. Anyway – I was so pleased with their professional response to me and the great time I had and… I wrote fantastic reviews of them everywhere. They got in touch again, to thank me for the positive reviews. I highly recommend. Fishkill Farms – try them out if you are in the Hudson Valley. Anyway – reviews REALLY matter – tread carefully… If you are having trouble with a negative review, get in touch. There are a few tricks.

Have a lovely day!


Wow – it is with a grand amount of pleasure that I announce my new business – Moon View Media llc. We hit the ground running with our first, wonderful, client – Christa Thompson – Wild and Wise Women. Check her out!! She has a community 300,000 strong of creative, intuitive, wonderful women that forms this amazing online sisterhood. She has a Facebook book club and she’s launching two more sites as well as offering personal coaching. She really is the real deal. Note: my Moon View Website is still a seed, I’ll let you know when it’s full grown!

~ Sonia

Time According to Piglet

(The Te of Piglet)

Let’s find a Way today,
that can take us to tomorrow.
We’ll follow that Way,
A Way like flowing water.

Let’s leave behind,
the things that do not matter.
And we’ll turn our lives,
to a more important chapter.

Let’s take the time and try to find,
what real life has to offer.
And maybe then we’ll find again,
what we had long forgotten.
Like a friend, true ’til the end,
it will help us onward.

The sun is high, the road is wide,
and it starts where we are standing.
No one knows how far it goes,
for the road is never-ending.

It goes away,
beyond what we have thought of.
It flows away,
Away like flowing water.

Last weekend, my mother and I were bored so we decided to look up people we had been close to while I was growing up. Kind of a challenge since we moved all while I was growing up, it was easy to lose track. One person we thought to search for was Edie Ann – a friend from California when I was 13. But, I didn’t even have her married name. So, I Googled her and ended up finding (sadly) her mother’s obituary. Her mother was survived by Edie Ann blah blah blah. Got her last name that easily. I simply Googled HER and got her address, home and cell phone numbers. I called and, yes, they were correct. Crazy! In a good way?? Not sure  – It was for me but maybe not for her! What’s your opinion? And, by the way, I don’t think there is anyway to stop it so go with an open mind! ~ Sonia

Lately, I’ve been having this dream that I’m trying to catch a plane and I miss it. I always get in the car, race to the airport, and when I get there I’m late or the flight is cancelled. It always looks the same as several places in my dreams do – does that happen to everyone? I have cities, neighborhoods, places that are the same that I visit from time to time. Anyway, last night I took off – in the plane. I flew far away and ended up at this huge resort in paradise. Ever wish your dreams were real? I’m assuming the flight means that something is about to change, a new venture… I’ll keep you posted!

Enjoy the summer!

~ Sonia


The cloud went down the mountain
behind his mother’s tail
He slowly, slowly rambled down
the tattered, winding trail.
When he reached the bottom
he thought “wow – this is the farthest I’ve ever been!”
for to him the bottom was the top
and he ended where we begin.

~ by: Me!

A saying we have all heard many times but I think it is worth hearing again. This applies to any life matter. Most people think of it as a way to deal with negative situations, that they will pass and so “hang in there”. I think even more importantly, it has to do with positive situations. Moments of happiness will pass, too. So, how do you hang on to moments you don’t want to let go of? Really enjoy them. Be present. Journaling is great, too. That way you can re-read and remember. I kept a journal of my kids while they were very young and haven’t written in a while. It’s amazing looking back and it transports me a bit. Anyway – even this post shall past. Have a great day! Sonia

On a professional note… clients of mine ask if it’s necessary to have a blog. I tell them absolutely and I’ll tell you why. First of all, the goal is to own as much real estate as you can on Google search results. It’s really the goal to own the first two pages of results when people Google you or even better your keyword results. And yes, blog addresses will show up in Google results.

The next reason to blog is to get people to know you. I have become a follower of people based entirely on their blog because I like them and like how they think and write and find the info useful and interesting.

Seriously… Blogging shows people that you are serious about your product or service. And, the more often you blog the more serious you are. An RSS feed is a great way for people to subscribe to your feed so your info can be directly sent to them without them having to work for it.

Guests. Having guest bloggers increases your validity with your readers AND with Google. One factor in your Google ratings is the value of your information – how much of an expert you are. You also spread the word when you solicit people to blog and you get their readers to come to your site.

Fun. Have fun with it. You’ll get more followers if your personality comes through. You can include poetry, opinions, pictures… It’s just a cool thing, case closed.


Do you ever have that feeling that something is about to happen? I have the feeling that this is a pivotal point in my life and everything is going to collide and I will be left standing in a place that is different from where i am now. Hope it’s all good! There are a few things I’m wishing for. In the meantime, just keep swimming…

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