Now that my daughter is searching for colleges, it’s very important that she checks out her online presence. That includes, largely, social media. Everyone should search for themselves in Google. I have four pages of results – Sonia Delano McSweeney. All are ok (there are one or two I’d rather not have up but not enough to do anything about it) If you DO have a negative presence, try to comment it out and try to contact the admin of the content in question.

This site has a lot of info for college bound students:

Happy hunting!

Wishing on the (partial eclipse of) the moon….

I had breakfast last week with a dear friend who is going through some serious family situations that reach way beyond laundry and walking the dog – and cleaning, cooking, you’ve got it. So, in the midst of her soul searching with me, I asked “a seemingly simple question” (her words) What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? She looked at me for a second and then went back to confiding in me. Later that day, she texted that side-comment really made her – wake up. She biked two miles on the trail and felt amazing. Now, she has the task of finding her passion. Biking is fine – and a stress buster. She loves to read, I know that. She loves a glass of wine, I know that. But, what really opens her heart and gets her attention? I love to paint, for example. Do I do it? No, hardly ever. Exhausted all of the time. But, I know what my passion is. My dear friend, I hope you find something that stirs your heart and makes you forget your troubles, just for a bit of time.

This is a special site – this lady has been on HGTV. Her expertise is in refinishing furniture and reselling antiques. Check it out! Little Cherry Vintage.

Wow – it is with a grand amount of pleasure that I announce my new business – Moon View Media llc. We hit the ground running with our first, wonderful, client – Christa Thompson – Wild and Wise Women. Check her out!! She has a community 300,000 strong of creative, intuitive, wonderful women that forms this amazing online sisterhood. She has a Facebook book club and she’s launching two more sites as well as offering personal coaching. She really is the real deal. Note: my Moon View Website is still a seed, I’ll let you know when it’s full grown!

~ Sonia

Time According to Piglet

(The Te of Piglet)

Let’s find a Way today,
that can take us to tomorrow.
We’ll follow that Way,
A Way like flowing water.

Let’s leave behind,
the things that do not matter.
And we’ll turn our lives,
to a more important chapter.

Let’s take the time and try to find,
what real life has to offer.
And maybe then we’ll find again,
what we had long forgotten.
Like a friend, true ’til the end,
it will help us onward.

The sun is high, the road is wide,
and it starts where we are standing.
No one knows how far it goes,
for the road is never-ending.

It goes away,
beyond what we have thought of.
It flows away,
Away like flowing water.

Last weekend, my mother and I were bored so we decided to look up people we had been close to while I was growing up. Kind of a challenge since we moved all while I was growing up, it was easy to lose track. One person we thought to search for was Edie Ann – a friend from California when I was 13. But, I didn’t even have her married name. So, I Googled her and ended up finding (sadly) her mother’s obituary. Her mother was survived by Edie Ann blah blah blah. Got her last name that easily. I simply Googled HER and got her address, home and cell phone numbers. I called and, yes, they were correct. Crazy! In a good way?? Not sure  – It was for me but maybe not for her! What’s your opinion? And, by the way, I don’t think there is anyway to stop it so go with an open mind! ~ Sonia

Lately, I’ve been having this dream that I’m trying to catch a plane and I miss it. I always get in the car, race to the airport, and when I get there I’m late or the flight is cancelled. It always looks the same as several places in my dreams do – does that happen to everyone? I have cities, neighborhoods, places that are the same that I visit from time to time. Anyway, last night I took off – in the plane. I flew far away and ended up at this huge resort in paradise. Ever wish your dreams were real? I’m assuming the flight means that something is about to change, a new venture… I’ll keep you posted!

Enjoy the summer!

~ Sonia


The cloud went down the mountain
behind his mother’s tail
He slowly, slowly rambled down
the tattered, winding trail.
When he reached the bottom
he thought “wow – this is the farthest I’ve ever been!”
for to him the bottom was the top
and he ended where we begin.

~ by: Me!

A saying we have all heard many times but I think it is worth hearing again. This applies to any life matter. Most people think of it as a way to deal with negative situations, that they will pass and so “hang in there”. I think even more importantly, it has to do with positive situations. Moments of happiness will pass, too. So, how do you hang on to moments you don’t want to let go of? Really enjoy them. Be present. Journaling is great, too. That way you can re-read and remember. I kept a journal of my kids while they were very young and haven’t written in a while. It’s amazing looking back and it transports me a bit. Anyway – even this post shall past. Have a great day! Sonia

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