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We are all so busy living in our heads that we forget about this wonderful body we’ve been given that has and will do the most magnificent things. I know I’ve mentioned the mirror exercise before but to restate – stand in front of a mirror and look at your body. Familiarize yourself with who you are. Sometimes I’ll notice I’m stressed out and not sleeping or eating right and then I think about what I’m doing to my body that is trying to do its best keeping me healthy and vibrant (on a good day!) I also try to remember the awe of when I had my two daughters. Imagine a body pulling that off!! Isn’t that crazy?!? So – give yourself some time to feel yourself inside your glorious body.

This is applicable to hours, days, months, years & lifetimes. You are given a certain amount of energy to spend and it’s up to you how to spend it. If that was explained in terms of money, you’d spend it all on things you wanted, things you love, gifts for people you love, peaceful vacation – look at all of those things as ways to spend your mental (and physical) energy. You can spend your mental energy thinking about, enjoying, fully living with things and people that you love and enjoy. Or… you can spend energy worrying about something, being angry about nothing, never spending time with people or things you love… Your choice!

Spend greatly!
~ Sonia

One powerful exercise that I ask my clients to do is to look at themselves in a mirror. In most cases, it’s a really hard thing to do. Stand in front of a full-length mirror (clothed or unclothed) and look at your body. Then, look at your face. What is your expression? Is it pride? Is it looking “lost” or confused? Is it sadness? Have you already criticized yourself within the first minute of looking at yourself? Why is that? This is you! It’s your amazing body that keeps you alive and well. It’s your beautiful face. I know I have said things about myself that no one would ever say to me, without any compassion. Do you really know yourself? Look into your eyes. What are you trying to say to yourself? Honestly, a lot of people can’t even do it for two full minutes. If you can, write down what comes up for you in a journal. Try the exercise again when you feel you can. The goal is to end up loving who you are as you are.

There are so many times when we are so focused on what we have to do or where we need to be. One of the best ways to catch ourselves from being too “narrow minded” is to look ahead and then open up your peripheral vision. Look at all the space around you! What happens when your vision widens? It’s a good practice to remember. And, in the least, it brings you to the present moment enough to rest a beat and notice where you are. 🙂
~ Sonia

I really wince when I say this, but since I’ve crossed over the line of 40 I feel every injury I’ve ever had when I’m run down. I also happen to be really excited about this whole “raw food thing” and the program I’m offering as well as others I’m thinking of and my FREE 10 min. meditation that will be live by the end of the week. [you can claim your free meditation at There is so much information out there about raw vegan life, recipes, programs, articles, communities… I could spend all day reading about it.
Honestly, it’s all good stuff but I had a panic attack of sorts yesterday. All of all of it swirling around in my head so fast I couldn’t focus on any one thing. So, I decided to write it all down and that helped a lot. I also find that yoga helps me to focus on things one at a time – it’s really great and helpful. Sleep is another thing that is a must.
I do find that eating a clean diet of mostly vegan & raw makes my head so much more clear and I have more energy. My point is that my stress & exhaustion go way beyond that and I tend to be a little hard on myself for not getting things done or being too tired to complete a task… Worse yet when there are actual deadlines – like the holidays!!
So – let’s all remember that we are human beings. There is only 24 hrs in a day, hopefully sleeping at least 8 of them! My body is going to feel tired on a good day and my aches and pains are going to show up.
Here is a quote from Pema that I came across today and I love it. I think it speaks to the point that we are humans and to stop for a bit and notice our bodies. Maybe we can send some love to our aches and pain. Maybe we can honor our tired bodies with a hot bath (got any epson salts?)
Ahhh let’s give ourselves a break….

“It’s also helpful to realize that this body that we have, this very body that’s sitting here right now in this room, this very body that perhaps aches, and this mind that we have at this very moment, are exactly what we need to be fully human, fully awake, and fully alive.”
— Pema Chodron

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