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This is applicable to hours, days, months, years & lifetimes. You are given a certain amount of energy to spend and it’s up to you how to spend it. If that was explained in terms of money, you’d spend it all on things you wanted, things you love, gifts for people you love, peaceful vacation – look at all of those things as ways to spend your mental (and physical) energy. You can spend your mental energy thinking about, enjoying, fully living with things and people that you love and enjoy. Or… you can spend energy worrying about something, being angry about nothing, never spending time with people or things you love… Your choice!

Spend greatly!
~ Sonia

I’m a person who loves to sleep and hates getting up every single day whether I have to go to work or to a special event or to relax around the house. Sometimes, I get up and just sort of trudge thru the day or look forward to something else at some other time or worry about something else that happened or is happening or thinking about someone or something.. you get the idea. I heard someone saying this past weekend something I’d heard before but needed to hear it again and I’m going to share it with you…

Every single moment is something all it’s own. You will never get to live this moment again. Event in the space of a minute things change that you may or may not notice. Things are forever changing even it’s only on the smallest level. So… treat each moment as if it is only here once and you won’t have the chance to experience it again.

I moved all my life, switching schools 12 times in 12 yrs. There were parts of my life that were really hard to live through and other parts that were beyond wonderful. Because of that, I always knew that life changes all the time – for better or worse.

It’s inevitable that a new parent is going to suffer with no sleep and all of the things that come with a new baby – a hard time, indeed. People told me to enjoy it as best I could b/c that baby will grow up and you won’t have the opportunity to hold them, snuggle them, celebrate their first smile, first steps, and all of the other firsts.

Enjoy this moment b/c you’ll never get to live this moment again.

~ Sonia

I’m VERY proud to announce that we have our first full-length guided meditation ready to go!! It’s a cleansing meditation and it’s your *FREE* gift as one of my loyal readers!! Please check it out:

Many more to come – Enjoy!

We are now going to look at how you can be sensitive to the energy of strangers. In some respects, this is the easiest one. I had read people’s energy, of course, as we all do – noticing facial expressions, stance and how they dress, etc. It’s something a lot of us do without thinking – but not everyone. I think it has to do with looking beyond ourselves. Some people just read people as a means to their own end. They think people are reacting to themselves and that’s all they care about so they don’t notice how other people are feeling, of course.

So – for starters, you have to look beyond your own nose! You have to SEE people, even those you don’t know. Everyone has something worth seeing. That person is actually not responding to you. If you really approach a person with the intent to see them they will give you a glimpse of their true selves – even if it’s just a vibration or a feeling.

I think it has been a bit of self-preservation for me. I moved all of my life, switching schools nearly every year. When I was meeting new people, I was usually in a hurry to make friends and, so, I’d look for them. I’d look for kindness, funniness and I’d get a read in just a few days on who I’d like to be friends with. Sure, there were other obvious things like choosing people who were friendly enough to approach me and/or offer to show me around. But, still – it was clear who was genuine and who was not.

I organize several trade shows a year where I work. This past year I started to realize that I had some very clear feelings about people that I didn’t know. I think it actually began with a man who approached the booth and said nothing, actually. He was uptight to be sure but the anger eminating from him made me actually step back A LOT – like to the back of the booth. I thought that was pretty interesting so I decided to try and “read” people. Perfect venue, right? Here are actual strangers approaching me without me even having to go scouting around.

Sure enough, there were a few – not everyone – that had such powerful and distinct energy. There was one woman who smiled and had friendly eyes but her sadness was so strong I had the urge to stop her and ask what was wrong.

As I said, not everyone can read the energies of others and not everyone is “clear” enough to have their energy “readable”. Here’s how to try to see if you can! First step that I mentioned before is that you have to completely put yourself on the back burner. If you are at all concerned about how you look or what you want for lunch you aren’t going to be able to do it. Try to look past what the other person is wearing and doing. Try to look in their eyes. Then, you yourself put out a silent message of “I’m here – it’s ok to be yourself.”

From my experience… bingo. That’s all you need. Be sensitive to very slight feelings. Just keep practicing and have fun with it!!

If you are recovering from an illness or trauma, it’s crucial to have the frame of mind that you are beginning anew. There is no looking back and while your life may have changed and will continue to change, it’s all good, filled with promise and good health. A little inspiration:

The infinite wind is sweeping my heart, body and soul, bringing me the breath of a new beginning. –nari

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