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“Grounding” yourself means, literally, getting out of your head and your thoughts and coming back down to earth.

The best way to ground your energy is to literally take to the ground. Try hiking, camping, skiing… Gardening is a great way to connect to the ground and have earth and soil right in your hands. Plus, studies show that gardening can boost your mood and burn calories to garden PLUS the home-grown benefits!!

Taking a look at your diet is essential. Try to eat foods that are alive and come straight from the earth. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is the best way to do that!

Yoga is a great way to ground yourself. Notice where your body touches the ground in the different poses. Be sure to end with the Savasana pose, also known as “corpse” pose. The pose is done by laying down flat on the ground upon the earth – and, opposite of the name, you’ll feel more alive by doing it!

~ Sonia

Wow – just read on Dr. Weil’s site that gluten can be hidden in products we use every day, such as stamp and envelope adhesive, medicines and vitamins. Isn’t that crazy?

A few days ago I talked about having “wide angle vision” If you are focused too much on anything, use your peripheral vision to take in the areas that are at your sides rather than rigidly looking only at whatever is happening in your life that has sabotaged your life/time/attention.

So – here is another “angle”. Look at the moon. Look at the sky. Look at the clouds. Take in the magnitude of the things around you, the awe of the vastness of our universe. Then… put into perspective how small our troubles are.

~ Sonia

I’m a person who loves to sleep and hates getting up every single day whether I have to go to work or to a special event or to relax around the house. Sometimes, I get up and just sort of trudge thru the day or look forward to something else at some other time or worry about something else that happened or is happening or thinking about someone or something.. you get the idea. I heard someone saying this past weekend something I’d heard before but needed to hear it again and I’m going to share it with you…

Every single moment is something all it’s own. You will never get to live this moment again. Event in the space of a minute things change that you may or may not notice. Things are forever changing even it’s only on the smallest level. So… treat each moment as if it is only here once and you won’t have the chance to experience it again.

I moved all my life, switching schools 12 times in 12 yrs. There were parts of my life that were really hard to live through and other parts that were beyond wonderful. Because of that, I always knew that life changes all the time – for better or worse.

It’s inevitable that a new parent is going to suffer with no sleep and all of the things that come with a new baby – a hard time, indeed. People told me to enjoy it as best I could b/c that baby will grow up and you won’t have the opportunity to hold them, snuggle them, celebrate their first smile, first steps, and all of the other firsts.

Enjoy this moment b/c you’ll never get to live this moment again.

~ Sonia

Well, if it would warm up here in the Northeast or if the sun would ever shine – it would be spring. And, at this time of year we naturally think “in with the new and out with the old”. Losing “clutter” which are things that no longer serve you. It might mean actual stuff around the house that has no place anymore – on the shelf or in your life! It also refers to the clutter within your body, such as weight. It can also be thoughts and/or beliefs that no longer serve you. Take some time to think about what that might be. Organizing or clearing out clutter in a room of your house is a form of self care. It’s a gift you give yourself. So – don’t find it daunting! Start one thing at a time and soon you’ll be able to create a comfortable space.

I have a feeling I’ll do more posts on this topic!

Until next time…

~ Sonia

I’m VERY proud to announce that we have our first full-length guided meditation ready to go!! It’s a cleansing meditation and it’s your *FREE* gift as one of my loyal readers!! Please check it out:

Many more to come – Enjoy!

1) Vegan White Bean and Escarole

2) Vegan Bean Burritos (with vegetarian option)

KISS stands for “keep it simple, sweetheart” This is not really related but it does have to do with being conscious. I had a conversation with a friend this morning who said that her partner has been so cranky and starting fights are purposely not wanted to spend time with her. They have kids so some of that could be chalked up to kid-stress stuff. I want to be clear that this is not always the man acting out!
Well, if you have kids you know that when they are really out of sorts it is almost always the basic stuff – sick, tired or hungry. I find it still even in my oldest who is 8.
So, as my friend and I were talking I thought of the basic stuff that usually causes a marriage (or partnership) to be “out of sorts”
1. I am not appreciated enough. That is so common and it goes both ways and it’s the simplest thing to fix once you know what it is. “you are doing a great job” “this dinner is awesome” stuff like that.
2. You are not paying enough attention to me. This is more prevalent among couples with kids. The caregiver is so wiped out taking care of the kids that they put the other person last on their list b/c that is the only space on the list where there is room. The way to fix that – go out on a “date” Remember the happiness that was the glue that stuck you both together to begin with.
3. Money. In this day and age, money is a real concern for a lot of us. Losing jobs, price of gas, health insurance… The fix: money, of course!
For any of these the really important component is to be on the same team and keep the lines of communication open. I think just being aware of the common causes for couples to feel distant from each other might be a bit of relief. If you are the one who is distant, ask yourself why – lovingly. Your feelings are valid and be gentle with yourself as you unravel them. And then – talk about it w. your partner over a margarita and chips and a night out w/o the kids!
My opinion for what it’s worth!
be well, Sonia

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