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I had breakfast last week with a dear friend who is going through some serious family situations that reach way beyond laundry and walking the dog – and cleaning, cooking, you’ve got it. So, in the midst of her soul searching with me, I asked “a seemingly simple question” (her words) What are your hobbies? What do you like to do? She looked at me for a second and then went back to confiding in me. Later that day, she texted that side-comment really made her – wake up. She biked two miles on the trail and felt amazing. Now, she has the task of finding her passion. Biking is fine – and a stress buster. She loves to read, I know that. She loves a glass of wine, I know that. But, what really opens her heart and gets her attention? I love to paint, for example. Do I do it? No, hardly ever. Exhausted all of the time. But, I know what my passion is. My dear friend, I hope you find something that stirs your heart and makes you forget your troubles, just for a bit of time.

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