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Well, to all of you that “rained on my parade” about the new puppy I do have to admit that it’s been a bit of a storm. The puppy just started sleeping through the night but it was a good two weeks of total lack of sleep and that made for a pretty crazy home w. pretty crazy, sleep deprived people.

Things have really evened out, though. We all know what to expect, including the puppy. We are getting to know each other and a puppy will be a puppy. Her attention goes from one thing to the next in seconds. She’ll start destroying things if she’s bored. She wants to run free and do whatever she wants at any moment.

It got me thinking about the “puppy mind” that some call the stream of thoughts that we experience when we want to calm our mind and meditate. Here we are, trying to be still, and our mind is completely out of control on this thing or that and completely un-tamable.

What to do? Well, first you must notice your mind. It’s the puppy that is trying to get attention. Then, notice the thoughts as thoughts. Something like, “I’m thinking about my job now. These are nervous thoughts about a presentation I’m doing on Monday.” Labeling thoughts and feelings takes some of the power out of them.

Then, if you are going to meditate, simply ask the thoughts to rest for a while. They can play later.

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Best wishes for a great long weekend!!
~ Sonia

We just need to get out of our own way and let ourselves transform. It is natural and can be effortless if we just let go and allow change. In between the caterpillar and the butterfly is a chrysalis stage where tissues are broken down and the adult butterfly structures are formed. Maybe there is a “you” that is out there that you wish to be and you have a sense that it might be work to get there. Maybe you have to diet to get the body that you dream of. It’s not fun to diet!! It’s a lot of work! Maybe there is a career shift and you have to go back to school for a bit. It might seem like we have to go backward to move forward. There is a process and we might feel like we are breaking down but when you get there…. you’ll have wings to fly.

I have to be honest, I’ve never understood the theory that we have to forgive people that have done bad/terrible things to us. Why? Why forgive them and let them off the hook? Well, I’ve come to realize that it’s all about your own “energy”. To be truly happy and to have the energy of the universe flow through you, you have to have positive energy in your life. Blockages will only hold you back. You have to clear them and you have to look first at the things that are really upsetting that drain your energy the most. I definitely believe that you don’t have to forgive someone to their face. You’ll get the same clarity forgiving them in your heart. Clear out negativity and the positive will shine through.

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“Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”
~ Zen Proverb
A reminder not to get too caught up in what we do – our jobs, our obligations… it’s what is going on behind the scenes in you that matters. Your soul work. What are you here for? It’s not to chop wood – what is your unique gift to share with the world?

This is applicable to hours, days, months, years & lifetimes. You are given a certain amount of energy to spend and it’s up to you how to spend it. If that was explained in terms of money, you’d spend it all on things you wanted, things you love, gifts for people you love, peaceful vacation – look at all of those things as ways to spend your mental (and physical) energy. You can spend your mental energy thinking about, enjoying, fully living with things and people that you love and enjoy. Or… you can spend energy worrying about something, being angry about nothing, never spending time with people or things you love… Your choice!

Spend greatly!
~ Sonia

Love this quote! I’m a seeker who really believes that if you put your energy into finding something, there’s a good chance you will. I don’t think you you always get what you want in the form you expect it but it does come. Have you ever wanted something, sought something, and then found it? Amazing, isn’t it? Maybe it’s a person seeking you. An example, my dear friend wanted to have a baby so badly – all she wanted all her life. She wasn’t able to conceive and finally decided to adopt – the most beautiful little girl – from Ethiopia. They love her, she’s amazing… a very happy, and complete, family. And… that little girl was also seeking – a mommy and a happy family.

You might be quietly seeking something like a new job and out of nowhere you make a connection or you hear about an opening. Things flow beautifully into place. Put your wishes, your energy out there to the universe… See what shows up!

Happy seeking!


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