Think about all of your life that lays behind you and all of the life you have ahead of you. Imagine the amazing things that can and will happen to you. Feel completely at peace knowing that time passes and wherever you are is passing, too. See if you can find some joy in where you are right now. If you are very happy where you stand right at this moment, give it all you’ve got. Let yourself go and really enjoy and know that everything is ok, just as it should be.

If you are able, spend a whole day just on you. You can either do it on the fly if you feel you really need it or you can plan ahead for it. Think about it as if you were taking out someone you love for the day. Ask yourself what you’d really love to do. Think of really decadent stuff. The only rule is that you keep the day full and only think about yourself. Being a mom, I’m almost always the last person I take care of. Just for one day make yourself your priority. Everything will be just as it is, don’t worry – the world won’t fall apart if you let it all go for a day.

What could you do? Some of the really decedent stuff I can think of would be a matinee, a day at the beach, waking around NY City, going to get my hair done, going on a hike or even just staying in and watching movies if it’s a rain day.

What are your most decedent things to do? Remember, it’s a date with yourself and try not to feel uncomfortable if you take yourself to the movies or out to lunch. Lots of people do things and dine on their own. Nothing to feel self-conscious about.

What did you do on your day? I’d love to post where you took yourself on your special day. Comment here or write to me at

Have fun!!!


This is an excerpt from my new book –

Tools for the Journey

Inspiration for Change

Most of the book deals with profound change in your life. No matter what size of the transformation you wish to begin, you first need to make room for a miracle to happen….

To make room for miracles you will need to create actual space in your life and in your self. There are things you might need to let go of on the road to growth. This might not be a person or a place. It might be as simple as losing a few pounds to feel self-confident. Maybe it means leaving a job to find a new one where you can showcase your talents and abilities.

Clearing out your physical space, your body and your mind, sends a signal to the universe that you are ready to receive joy and direction. Clearing out clutter inside and out literally creates clarity.

You have to actually create space in your being to accept new life. You have to let go of your own story to be able to write a new one. You will need to let go of limiting beliefs so you can replace them with true facts about your abilities and your power to create the life of your dreams. You have to surrender. You also need to clear yourself of energetic blocks so new life can flow through you.

How do you know a miracle when it happens? It makes you feel wonderful and excited and just completely in awe of how this amazing gift made it’s way to you. It’s relief in the time of stress, a moment of joy in the times of sadness, renewal and love and opportunity no matter where you stand.

Keep your eyes open and ENJOY!

I’d love to hear about YOUR miracle… you can comment here or email me at

Best wishes! Sonia

Hi Everyone! This is just a reminder to laugh a little today. No matter what is going on in your life, take just a moment to remember something funny or watch a sitcom… It is actually good for your health, spirit and your mind.

“I believe that if people can get more laughter in their lives, they are a lot better off,” says Steve Wilson, MA, CSP, a psychologist and laugh therapist. “They might be healthier too.” Wow – can you imagine there is actually a title called “Laugh Therapist” ?!?! He’s on to something!

According to this article on, Laughter can benefit:

Blood flow, immune response, blood sugar levels, relaxation and sleep

Check it out here:

Another time of year when we begin anew… School starts, summer ends for everyone… Wow, did that go fast! How are you embracing change? For today, identify one small change that you have been putting off that would improve your life. It could be a dietary change, cleaning out a drawer or pantry or getting a new hairstyle. Change can be scary but we need to realize that we change every day. Each day our bodies change, the weather changes, people change and we change. When you change and the world changes you keep the flow of life going. Think about one change that you know will make your life easier and happier that might even prompt other, significant changes in your life. Have fun with this!

Well, what a few weeks it has been! My Mother-in-Law was in intensive care at the hospital for a week and then staying with us for the past two weeks. As there are no coincidences, a big contract position I’d worked on ended at the beginning of July. Here I was wondering why this could happen when the economy is in such a flux. I have been enjoying my time this summer with my kids A LOT and might not get time like this for a while I could say that is a blessing all on its own. Because it’s unusual for me to have this kind of time on my hands, my mother came in to spend a week with myself and the kids. Wouldn’t you know, that week my Mother-in-Law falls ill and we need to rush to the emergency room one night and then cover our watches with her for the next few days. Well, what a “coincidence” that my mother was here that week to watch the kids while I went back and forth to the hospital. And, what an amazing “coincidence” that I wasn’t working full-time so that I could watch the kids since my Mother-in-Law has been our main caregiver. See that? Perfect example of looking for clues and… everything happens for a reason.

Being in the present moment is absolutely one of the big secrets to living. Being able to be fully present and conscious at all times, not thinking about anything but the moment you are in and you are right there in it – you are really living. If you don’t practice being present, you must. It’s not easy if you are having an unhappy moment but if you are where you are you can be thankful for things that you are happy about, like breathing! When we are in a wonderful moment it just takes things over the top to really be there with no thoughts of where you have to be next or of anything that happened in the past. You are here to enjoy and everyone can find happiness in something.

However, I’d like to talk about pulling away entirely and being far from present. There are a few reasons you might like to explore this. First, if you can really pull back and see your life as a whole, you can see those times when you had powerful experiences of love and joy. You can see yourself happy as if you are watching a movie of your life. If you can picture that, you can see how short the movie really is and that you need to get in there an experience all you can and that silly things like a tough boss or a cranky child really do mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. In fact, if you look at your life you won’t even see that bad boss or job you hated back in high school. Things like that simply won’t matter and it’s key to know that as you are living through them.

The next reason it might be fun to pull back and observe your life is that you can write a script about what happens next. You can see yourself publishing that book or winning that award or getting that job or having that baby… if you can really see it in every detail you are beginning to manifest your desires. And, by the Law of Attraction, that is exactly what you’ll get.

So… I’m letting go of some unpleasant stuff that happened fairly recently in my life because it simply will not matter farther down the road. And, because I have had more time at home lately, I’m savoring time with my kids and really enjoying this summer. I wish you the same!

With love,

~ Sonia

This weekend I finally finished my manuscript for the Transformational Author’s Contest. I’m hoping very much that I win (there are a bunch of prizes, not just one). In my book I share a lot about “my story”. It’s about change – how it can be hard or how it can be a chance for renewal… or both! I think there are some stories of ours that would benefit with a little tweaking. I know that I tell myself a story about my weight. I often think that I am at the weight I am and that I can’t lose any. I will say things like, “I just love food” or “I’m an emotional eater” or “I’m so upset with myself, I always fail.” Terribly desctructive stuff. I could certainly change my story to get a little love in there for myself. Something like, ” I have had a hard time losing weight in the past. But, now I don’t. Now I am committed to the best health I can achieve. I am going to treat myself with love and see how that goes.” See, already my energy has changed and I feel “lighter” – much better than holding all of that blame – just let it drop right off. You could use the same technique. See the dramatic changes when you rewrite your story. One story at a time!


I am actually working with this amazing Law of Attraction coach and happened to just have a session with her. She was saying that, even with weight, we attract what we think. If I keep thinking that I’m overweight and can’t control my eating I’ll keep getting that. If I can replace that with “I’m beautiful and I feel great about my body” That’s what I’ll attract!

Best wishes everyone,

Sonia McSweeney

BTW – if you are interested in finding out about my Law of Attraction coach, be sure to email me ( She is awesome & I’d love to pass along her info.

Wherever you are in your life, you are in a moment of growth. Our bodies and the Universe around us change with every second. Maybe you are at a point where you are being called to make a significant change in your life. If that is the case, bring to mind what it is that you are uncomfortable with and set the intention that you would like a change. Know that God (the Universe) is saying to you right now:

Forget the things that have happened in the past.

Do not keep thinking about them.

I am about to do something new.

It is beginning to happen even now.

Don’t you see it coming?

I am going to make a way for you.

How does that make you feel? Aren’t you full of wonder about where life will lead you next? Isn’t that exciting? You might not be able to see your new destination but you can be sure you are moving in that direction and that you’ll know it when you get there.

My daughter and I were walking our new puppy, Carrie, the other day and this really nice woman stopped us to compliment and pet Carrie. (She is really cute, I have to say!) So, the woman was really petting and holding her and she looked up at me and said, “I was so sad today. Your puppy made me feel better. Thank you!” So, just being nice to someone you don’t know… it could mean more than you think. Think about how you effect the lives of others just by being friendly.

Reminds me of another story! I had a rush job I took to the printer and they didn’t finish on time. I was upset but I cut them some slack. They had been on time with me plenty of times and it wasn’t such a big deal for me to drive up there Monday morning – I needed the stuff Monday afternoon.

As I was picking up the prints there was a woman that had put in a job that was also late. She was going on and on and telling them how upset she was. I, on the other hand, was complimenting the sales person. I was telling him they did a great job and it looked great. The woman left before me and the owner of the print shop shook my hand. He said, “Thank you – you made my day.”

Well, there are certainly times I’m not aware of what I’m doing but these two incidents helped me to see that I should be more conscious.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!


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