Congratulations Shelly Maguire !My friend & client the author!! A great book about her huge success while battling cystic fibrosis and living decades past her life expectancy.

Now I’m stuck trying to find a good book to read now that I’ve read this one and almost done with 50 shades trilogy!!! Any suggestions??

I am working at a contract job right now and I really like! But, one thing I’ve never experienced before is that there are about 50 people in one room and half of them work for the company’s call center. So, there is a lot of noise, no let me rephrase that, A LOT OF NOISE all the time. I can wear headphones but to be honest I find music distracting, too. Luckily, I consider myself someone who has pretty good focus. Let’s take this morning… here I am trying desperately to finish up comps for another client and my kids are dying for my attention. I find myself answering their questions without listening at all. Like, “Mommy, why did you say YES to me going to France for a week?” I look at them without seeing them, “Huh”? Anyway, there is a time and a place and I need to focus on that one thing at that time if I’m going to do anything at all, Grrrr. Finally, a moment alone and I’m trying to catch up on this blog and FOCUS on this because I’m very happily surprised my readership is growing & growing!! Thanks!

Now, yesterday I had one child (other one on a playdate) for a good chunk of time – about 5 hrs. And, I paid every last moment of attention to her. She loved it but I loved it more. It was a time where I was able to think that in a few years she’ll care less and less about her dear mom. And, we had a wonderful time and not a single thing got done but she and I having fun and that was being in focus.

xoxox Sonia

… Like memories! Just got in touch with someone from a gazillion years ago (30 actually!) and he actually remembered me!! That’s the thing about Facebook – you wonder, what ever happened to someone and then you actually find out!! This is one of my top 5 facebook stories, to be sure, but a this and few other childhood connections have blown my mind – all that space and time and it feels like no distance at all. Love it!!

Hooray for Benvinda Silva who has also just launched her website. Many good wishes for your new venture and congratulations on the new site. Silva Hair Design is located in Scarsdale, NY. Lots of good reviews so check it out!!

I’m proud to say that I’ve heard some very positive reviews for Sandra’s new site, But the real accolades go to Sandra Rose whose talent speaks for itself.

Wherever you are right now, take a moment to know that all things are exactly as they should be. Look around and notice what in your life has fallen into place that had every purpose in the world to be exactly that way. Now, take a moment to see beyond where you are and to think about your life with new wonder, with new eyes. Look at your life as this wonderful story that is unfolding all of the time. You aren’t in a race to get where you are going, you are simply unfolding.

We are all so busy living in our heads that we forget about this wonderful body we’ve been given that has and will do the most magnificent things. I know I’ve mentioned the mirror exercise before but to restate – stand in front of a mirror and look at your body. Familiarize yourself with who you are. Sometimes I’ll notice I’m stressed out and not sleeping or eating right and then I think about what I’m doing to my body that is trying to do its best keeping me healthy and vibrant (on a good day!) I also try to remember the awe of when I had my two daughters. Imagine a body pulling that off!! Isn’t that crazy?!? So – give yourself some time to feel yourself inside your glorious body.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Think about all of the potential realities ahead of you and be as dreamy as you can. Have you published that book you’ve wanted to write? Have you gotten that new car? Did you find that stay-at-home job so you can spend time with your kids? Think big!!

If you keep on clinging to who are you are right now you will miss the opportunity to meet that future, amazing version of yourself. Let go and see what happens!

Think about all of your life that lays behind you and all of the life you have ahead of you. Imagine the amazing things that can and will happen to you. Feel completely at peace knowing that time passes and wherever you are is passing, too. See if you can find some joy in where you are right now. If you are very happy where you stand right at this moment, give it all you’ve got. Let yourself go and really enjoy and know that everything is ok, just as it should be.

If you are able, spend a whole day just on you. You can either do it on the fly if you feel you really need it or you can plan ahead for it. Think about it as if you were taking out someone you love for the day. Ask yourself what you’d really love to do. Think of really decadent stuff. The only rule is that you keep the day full and only think about yourself. Being a mom, I’m almost always the last person I take care of. Just for one day make yourself your priority. Everything will be just as it is, don’t worry – the world won’t fall apart if you let it all go for a day.

What could you do? Some of the really decedent stuff I can think of would be a matinee, a day at the beach, waking around NY City, going to get my hair done, going on a hike or even just staying in and watching movies if it’s a rain day.

What are your most decedent things to do? Remember, it’s a date with yourself and try not to feel uncomfortable if you take yourself to the movies or out to lunch. Lots of people do things and dine on their own. Nothing to feel self-conscious about.

What did you do on your day? I’d love to post where you took yourself on your special day. Comment here or write to me at

Have fun!!!


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