Oh the power…

I had a really awful experience at an apple orchard about an hour north of my house. When we got there, there was an employee that screamed at us to drive by and leave (not just us, A LOT of cars) despite the fact there were a lot of spaces available and with no other parking options. Just like that, we turned around and went home.  So… I shared my opinion online. Nothing crazy – just the facts. The orchard got in touch, apologized online to me and explained that they had no idea that was going on. I said I was so sorry, I didn’t understand that and took the reviews off immediately. They offered me a lifetime free membership to visit for free including one small bushel of apples for free. They did something for other cars that were turned away that same day. My family and I happened to have a great time there when we went last weekend – free or not, it was really fun and well-run. Great farm store. Just overall nice experience. Anyway – I was so pleased with their professional response to me and the great time I had and… I wrote fantastic reviews of them everywhere. They got in touch again, to thank me for the positive reviews. I highly recommend. Fishkill Farms – try them out if you are in the Hudson Valley. Anyway – reviews REALLY matter – tread carefully… If you are having trouble with a negative review, get in touch. There are a few tricks.

Have a lovely day!