Last weekend, my mother and I were bored so we decided to look up people we had been close to while I was growing up. Kind of a challenge since we moved all while I was growing up, it was easy to lose track. One person we thought to search for was Edie Ann – a friend from California when I was 13. But, I didn’t even have her married name. So, I Googled her and ended up finding (sadly) her mother’s obituary. Her mother was survived by Edie Ann blah blah blah. Got her last name that easily. I simply Googled HER and got her address, home and cell phone numbers. I called and, yes, they were correct. Crazy! In a good way?? Not sure  – It was for me but maybe not for her! What’s your opinion? And, by the way, I don’t think there is anyway to stop it so go with an open mind! ~ Sonia