On a professional note… clients of mine ask if it’s necessary to have a blog. I tell them absolutely and I’ll tell you why. First of all, the goal is to own as much real estate as you can on Google search results. It’s really the goal to own the first two pages of results when people Google you or even better your keyword results. And yes, blog addresses will show up in Google results.

The next reason to blog is to get people to know you. I have become a follower of people based entirely on their blog because I like them and like how they think and write and find the info useful and interesting.

Seriously… Blogging shows people that you are serious about your product or service. And, the more often you blog the more serious you are. An RSS feed is a great way for people to subscribe to your feed so your info can be directly sent to them without them having to work for it.

Guests. Having guest bloggers increases your validity with your readers AND with Google. One factor in your Google ratings is the value of your information – how much of an expert you are. You also spread the word when you solicit people to blog and you get their readers to come to your site.

Fun. Have fun with it. You’ll get more followers if your personality comes through. You can include poetry, opinions, pictures… It’s just a cool thing, case closed.