I am working at a contract job right now and I really like! But, one thing I’ve never experienced before is that there are about 50 people in one room and half of them work for the company’s call center. So, there is a lot of noise, no let me rephrase that, A LOT OF NOISE all the time. I can wear headphones but to be honest I find music distracting, too. Luckily, I consider myself someone who has pretty good focus. Let’s take this morning… here I am trying desperately to finish up comps for another client and my kids are dying for my attention. I find myself answering their questions without listening at all. Like, “Mommy, why did you say YES to me going to France for a week?” I look at them without seeing them, “Huh”? Anyway, there is a time and a place and I need to focus on that one thing at that time if I’m going to do anything at all, Grrrr. Finally, a moment alone and I’m trying to catch up on this blog and FOCUS on this because I’m very happily surprised my readership is growing & growing!! Thanks!

Now, yesterday I had one child (other one on a playdate) for a good chunk of time – about 5 hrs. And, I paid every last moment of attention to her. She loved it but I loved it more. It was a time where I was able to think that in a few years she’ll care less and less about her dear mom. And, we had a wonderful time and not a single thing got done but she and I having fun and that was being in focus.

xoxox Sonia