If you are able, spend a whole day just on you. You can either do it on the fly if you feel you really need it or you can plan ahead for it. Think about it as if you were taking out someone you love for the day. Ask yourself what you’d really love to do. Think of really decadent stuff. The only rule is that you keep the day full and only think about yourself. Being a mom, I’m almost always the last person I take care of. Just for one day make yourself your priority. Everything will be just as it is, don’t worry – the world won’t fall apart if you let it all go for a day.

What could you do? Some of the really decedent stuff I can think of would be a matinee, a day at the beach, waking around NY City, going to get my hair done, going on a hike or even just staying in and watching movies if it’s a rain day.

What are your most decedent things to do? Remember, it’s a date with yourself and try not to feel uncomfortable if you take yourself to the movies or out to lunch. Lots of people do things and dine on their own. Nothing to feel self-conscious about.

What did you do on your day? I’d love to post where you took yourself on your special day. Comment here or write to me at sonia@wholepersonenergy.com

Have fun!!!