Well, what a few weeks it has been! My Mother-in-Law was in intensive care at the hospital for a week and then staying with us for the past two weeks. As there are no coincidences, a big contract position I’d worked on ended at the beginning of July. Here I was wondering why this could happen when the economy is in such a flux. I have been enjoying my time this summer with my kids A LOT and might not get time like this for a while I could say that is a blessing all on its own. Because it’s unusual for me to have this kind of time on my hands, my mother came in to spend a week with myself and the kids. Wouldn’t you know, that week my Mother-in-Law falls ill and we need to rush to the emergency room one night and then cover our watches with her for the next few days. Well, what a “coincidence” that my mother was here that week to watch the kids while I went back and forth to the hospital. And, what an amazing “coincidence” that I wasn’t working full-time so that I could watch the kids since my Mother-in-Law has been our main caregiver. See that? Perfect example of looking for clues and… everything happens for a reason.