Being in the present moment is absolutely one of the big secrets to living. Being able to be fully present and conscious at all times, not thinking about anything but the moment you are in and you are right there in it – you are really living. If you don’t practice being present, you must. It’s not easy if you are having an unhappy moment but if you are where you are you can be thankful for things that you are happy about, like breathing! When we are in a wonderful moment it just takes things over the top to really be there with no thoughts of where you have to be next or of anything that happened in the past. You are here to enjoy and everyone can find happiness in something.

However, I’d like to talk about pulling away entirely and being far from present. There are a few reasons you might like to explore this. First, if you can really pull back and see your life as a whole, you can see those times when you had powerful experiences of love and joy. You can see yourself happy as if you are watching a movie of your life. If you can picture that, you can see how short the movie really is and that you need to get in there an experience all you can and that silly things like a tough boss or a cranky child really do mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. In fact, if you look at your life you won’t even see that bad boss or job you hated back in high school. Things like that simply won’t matter and it’s key to know that as you are living through them.

The next reason it might be fun to pull back and observe your life is that you can write a script about what happens next. You can see yourself publishing that book or winning that award or getting that job or having that baby… if you can really see it in every detail you are beginning to manifest your desires. And, by the Law of Attraction, that is exactly what you’ll get.

So… I’m letting go of some unpleasant stuff that happened fairly recently in my life because it simply will not matter farther down the road. And, because I have had more time at home lately, I’m savoring time with my kids and really enjoying this summer. I wish you the same!

With love,

~ Sonia