This weekend I finally finished my manuscript for the Transformational Author’s Contest. I’m hoping very much that I win (there are a bunch of prizes, not just one). In my book I share a lot about “my story”. It’s about change – how it can be hard or how it can be a chance for renewal… or both! I think there are some stories of ours that would benefit with a little tweaking. I know that I tell myself a story about my weight. I often think that I am at the weight I am and that I can’t lose any. I will say things like, “I just love food” or “I’m an emotional eater” or “I’m so upset with myself, I always fail.” Terribly desctructive stuff. I could certainly change my story to get a little love in there for myself. Something like, ” I have had a hard time losing weight in the past. But, now I don’t. Now I am committed to the best health I can achieve. I am going to treat myself with love and see how that goes.” See, already my energy has changed and I feel “lighter” – much better than holding all of that blame – just let it drop right off. You could use the same technique. See the dramatic changes when you rewrite your story. One story at a time!


I am actually working with this amazing Law of Attraction coach and happened to just have a session with her. She was saying that, even with weight, we attract what we think. If I keep thinking that I’m overweight and can’t control my eating I’ll keep getting that. If I can replace that with “I’m beautiful and I feel great about my body” That’s what I’ll attract!

Best wishes everyone,

Sonia McSweeney

BTW – if you are interested in finding out about my Law of Attraction coach, be sure to email me ( She is awesome & I’d love to pass along her info.