What would your body say to you if it could talk? This is your body and it deserves your time and, in fact, it has been waiting to speak to you. Sometimes it does this through illness, headaches, stiff muscles or exhaustion. Sit with your body for just a little while in a peaceful place where you can be still enough to hear your body’s voice.

Maybe your body is saying “See me!” or “I need rest!” or something even deeper like, “Why don’t you love me?” or “Where have you been?”

Your body is YOU! It’s not the enemy and if you were to stop and listen you would begin work that will lead you to love and be connected with your wonderful body. Keep listening! Maybe you can set aside some time, ideally where you can be alone with yourself for at least a half-hour.

You might hear things that you don’t want to hear and you might be afraid of that but once you become conscious of what it is, once it’s acknowledged, it loses it’s power. Believe me, this is one of the most profound things you can do for yourself. Give yourself this gift that will change your life.