Love this quote! I’m a seeker who really believes that if you put your energy into finding something, there’s a good chance you will. I don’t think you you always get what you want in the form you expect it but it does come. Have you ever wanted something, sought something, and then found it? Amazing, isn’t it? Maybe it’s a person seeking you. An example, my dear friend wanted to have a baby so badly – all she wanted all her life. She wasn’t able to conceive and finally decided to adopt – the most beautiful little girl – from Ethiopia. They love her, she’s amazing… a very happy, and complete, family. And… that little girl was also seeking – a mommy and a happy family.

You might be quietly seeking something like a new job and out of nowhere you make a connection or you hear about an opening. Things flow beautifully into place. Put your wishes, your energy out there to the universe… See what shows up!

Happy seeking!