People almost always say that it’s too hard to meditate. I find it really hard myself to quiet the thoughts racing around in my head. This is particularly so when we have things that are troubling us or stressing us out which is, of course, the most important time to slow your body and mind down for a rest.

On a personal note – we are getting a puppy! It’s interesting – there is only one person I’ve told that has said, “Congratulations! You are going to have so much fun!” EVERY person aside from her (happens to be my BFF) has said, “oh no – do you know what you are in for?” or “why would you do that – you’re crazy!” Stuff like that. It’s been pretty hard to completely dismiss those comments and, because of them, I’m getting so nervous I’m not sleeping well at night. Meditate, Meditate, meditate – and when I do, I realize the joy and excitement of my feelings rather than the negative.

And, to all of you who have rained on my parade – that’s your feelings (and sometimes better to keep inside of your own head) I am very excited – will post pics!!

Now – this is NOT my new dog but the picture was sent to me (thanks, mom!) It brings the whole post together, don’t you think?

Very best wishes,