Well… what better day to dedicate to living consciously ? Be sure to use your energy to clean just a small patch of earth. There is a park near our home that is pretty big and every year on this day you can find kids picking up trash – how is that so great that you put your kids to work picking up trash? Well, it conveys a message that even if we didn’t cause a problem with the natural earth we can still make a difference. It’s up to all of us to help clean up our environment, even if it seems to large to tackle. It’s a nice park btw – not recommending you send your kids out on busy streets or anything to pick up litter!! They get the idea. You can also pick up leaves in your own yard, etc.

Another great idea – plant something! Get a pack of seeds and one of those great seed starter trays. They will be ready to harvest right around Mother’s Day (which they say is the first day to plant w/o the chance of frost)

Aside from using your energy for these tasks, I think there is something to be said for the collective energy of all of us loving our wonderful earth.

Happy Earth Day,