If I told you you should focus more energy on your kids, most exhausted parents would roll their tired eyes at me and say I was crazy for suggesting they don’t spend every other second on them. But, humor me for a minute… Say your child keeps trying to get your attention – “Mom, look at this!” “Dad, please play with me” And, you keep saying, “In a while..” To the child, “a while” means forever. So, the child starts acting out, beats up his/her sibling, gets in time-out, etc.

Take the same circumstance and say, “Ok, what do you want to do? I have to get some stuff done but let’s play for 1/2 hr (or hour – give them at least a 1/2 hr) Really focus on them. Look at them like they are only young once and how you’ll treasure moments like this and miss them terribly. Then, turn yourself into a kid and play and get ridiculous. Then, when time is up, go back to your stuff. Now you’ve set a tone for the day and everyone is happy (or so you can only hope…)

~ Sonia