Intuition comes from the latin word intuitio which means the act of contemplating. I talked about this in earlier posts that if you can put yourself in the present moment and allow your mind to quiet you can read other people’s energy and know how they are feeling and if they are friendly, etc. I’d call it “getting into the zone”. There are all sorts of terms that talk about this way of being in tune with the energy of other people or of a situation. If you saw someone you were close to and went on about yourself, gave a quick hug and went on your way you’d never have a chance to know if that person had something wonderful to say, if they were sick, if something bad had happened and they needed the support of a friend. All of these things can be read without them even opening their mouth if you really notice them – if you put yourself aside – if you “contemplate” them. That’s intuition.

If you can quiet your mind long enough to really contemplate a situation without bias you are tapping into a very powerful tool that will help you make good choices. I’m not swearing by it 100% of the time but I know it’s served me well on many many occasions. Choosing between two possible futures? Check back at my meditation programs: – we are producing one that deals specifically on the topic of knowing which path to choose.

Are all of us capable of it? “women’s intuition” “gut feelings” “it didn’t feel right” Yes, we all are – we just have to notice it. 🙂

Intuition can be a very important skill with health, as well.

Judith Orloff, M.D. in her book, Guide to Intuitive Healing

  • Notice how your beliefs — positive or negative attitudes — affect health.
  • Become attuned to your body so you can pick up early signs of illness.
  • Trust your gut about relationships.
  • Use meditation or visualization to seek inner guidance.

Being a vegan, contemplating what you eat… you’d never be anything but vegan once you took a good look and ate with integrity to your intuition.

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