I’m a person who loves to sleep and hates getting up every single day whether I have to go to work or to a special event or to relax around the house. Sometimes, I get up and just sort of trudge thru the day or look forward to something else at some other time or worry about something else that happened or is happening or thinking about someone or something.. you get the idea. I heard someone saying this past weekend something I’d heard before but needed to hear it again and I’m going to share it with you…

Every single moment is something all it’s own. You will never get to live this moment again. Event in the space of a minute things change that you may or may not notice. Things are forever changing even it’s only on the smallest level. So… treat each moment as if it is only here once and you won’t have the chance to experience it again.

I moved all my life, switching schools 12 times in 12 yrs. There were parts of my life that were really hard to live through and other parts that were beyond wonderful. Because of that, I always knew that life changes all the time – for better or worse.

It’s inevitable that a new parent is going to suffer with no sleep and all of the things that come with a new baby – a hard time, indeed. People told me to enjoy it as best I could b/c that baby will grow up and you won’t have the opportunity to hold them, snuggle them, celebrate their first smile, first steps, and all of the other firsts.

Enjoy this moment b/c you’ll never get to live this moment again.

~ Sonia