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Now we are going to talk about how to read the energy of your friends. Of course, this is going to differ with the closeness of that friend. A “best” friend might be as clear as day and you are probably so familiar that the “vibe” you get is obvious in the first few seconds. Still, keep in mind that it is energy that you are feeling even when you think you are merely being observant. Being observant is reading energy.

Now, a bit more complicated are friends that you aren’t as close to. Maybe you see each other every few weeks or months. We are talking about friends that you DO see – not merely “facebook” friends.

Ok – all that in mind… We are going to start talking about “the zone”. That is when you can quiet your own mind enough to draw your attention to the other person. It is not merely thinking about what you have to do that day and looking at the other person while your mind is somewhere else. I’m talking about slowing yourself down enough to really see that person. Look into their eyes.

Did you know that babies and dogs connect with their owners/parents when that person looks at their eyes. It’s funny, after I heard that I noticed that when I let my dog in from outside, he looks at me and waits for me to look at him – in the eyes.

So, look at that person – really take them in and look into their eyes (in a friendly way – don’t want to creep anyone out!) If you can do that, the person will naturally calm down and you’ll get to feel what they are feeling, thereby reading their energy.

Ok – try it out!! The next entry on being sensitive to others will be about strangers. How is that possible, you ask? Wait and see!!

~ Sonia

If you are recovering from an illness or trauma, it’s crucial to have the frame of mind that you are beginning anew. There is no looking back and while your life may have changed and will continue to change, it’s all good, filled with promise and good health. A little inspiration:

The infinite wind is sweeping my heart, body and soul, bringing me the breath of a new beginning. –nari

For Part 2 we are going to look at how you can be sensitive to the energies of your family. First off, I want to talk about the energy of children, particularly your own. The energy of children is absolutely clear and straightforward. They have absolutely no skills at keeping emotions in check and their beautiful, naive souls shine right through. If a child smiles, he/she is happy. If they cry, something is wrong. If they look at you and their eyes light up, they are happy to see you. By the way – did you all know that when you look at someone you love your pupils get bigger?
A little more complex, immediate family. The best read on family takes place at a gathering. As soon as someone walks into the house, you can judge the mood. Why is that? Well, you are usually looking for it! I wonder if my sister-in-law is going to start a fight today? I wonder if my mother-in-law is nervous about this party? Or, while sitting at the dinner table you gather a collective vibe. Wow, someone is in a bad mood (outwardly or not) and everyone is afraid to talk and “you could literally cut through the tension”

You know these people well and you can get a read immediately without mannerisms. I can walk into my sister-in-law’s house and know if she’s happy or something is bothering her. My mom can just pick up the phone and basically without saying anything at all, or in the least “hello”, I get a vibe if something is bothering her.

If you want to practice, try to withhold judgement about a certain family member – particularly one that is hard to deal with. When that person begins to get on your nerves, notice your reaction to that person. Do you feel a lump in your throat holding back something you’d like to say? Do you get a “knot” in your stomach?

Seems like pretty obvious stuff but it’s important to know that you ARE reading energy and that it’s fairly easy to do so.

Part 3 coming soon!

~ Sonia

You can’t take a step forward without knowing where you are standing. Living in the present moment is one of the secrets to life, in my opinion. If we can truly bring ourselves to where we are at this very moment, we are not stressed about the future or regretful of the past. Of course, we can also just be happy where we are and if so, why not stay here as long as you can?

What are you doing this very moment? You are reading this! Where are you? Are you sitting down? Is the chair comfortable? Is there any noise around you? (and if so, just notice it without an opinion) Does any part of your body hurt? Feel something tactile – your hands on the keyboard, your clothing against your skin… and, of course, your breathing. Maybe you are someplace where you can close your eyes for a moment and consider these questions.

Guess what? You were in the present moment!! Even if only for a moment. You accepted where you are. Good for you!!

Now, give some thought to where you are emotionally – any other sensations such as love, anger, fear, longing, happiness….

Just take notice of that and try your best to do just a few minutes of practice being in the present at least once a day and keep track of your emotions in a very non-committal way – as if you are just naming them. Such as, “Wow, I’m really afraid that my boss is not going to like my report” Then say, “Oh, I’m feeling “fear”.

“What now?” you ask… practice this for a few days and I’ll talk about where to go from here.

Peace and love, Sonia

I just want to say again that my decision to eat vegan is almost entirely about the positive effects on my body. I have had an interest in eating this way for some time – I’d say I’ve dabbled as a vegetarian for a good five years or so. My interest in the recipes and way of eating drifted into trying new recipes. I actually gained weight at first loading up on cheese, breads and pastas. I’d drift in and out as my family continued to eat animal products. I heard about a raw food way of eating and when I ate that way for several weeks, WOW did I feel great. Hard to stick to 100% but well worth it if you can!

It’s been a gentle progression. I was off dairy for a while and then found out that I’m lactose intolerant. I never liked eggs to begin with. I love veggies and as I’ve been drifting into a vegan way of eating it’s become a real evolution and it’s been a gentle progression. And, I still drift in and out at times.

I want to make sure that my readers don’t think they have to change their way of eating immediately. Actually, slow and steady wins the race with this one. Take it easy on yourself and make it an exploration of new territory – make it fun!

~ Sonia

How appropriate to talk about traction on a snowy day like today!! I’m going to talk about another kind of traction – the kind associated with goals and anything that you seek to change in your life. It’s so hard to stick to something like a diet or positive thinking. Surely, there will be days where you lose your focus and either stand still or even go backward a few steps. This is completely normal. It’s called traction and it means that you will go back and forth, have ups and downs, forwards and backwards as you get the strength you need to move ahead. And, guess what? You’ll need traction a little farther down the road and again and again. Have no fear – you are moving forward and claiming your dreams.
Best wishes on this day of awful weather!!
~ Sonia

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