Redefining “Satisfied”

I can only look to my Italian side of the family to see us all reclined at the table after my Aunt June’s five-course dinner plus wine. Leaning back with a big sigh, “Oh, I am so full – that meal was amazing, you are an unbelievable cook…” And, she is. I would feel beyond “satisfied” entering an uncomfortable, coma-like state. Like many of us, going out to eat is a pleasurable, social event – all the better with amazing food and drinks. Often, the barometer of “good” is feeling satisfied. Well, let’s look at that. When most of your diet is raw food, you feel light, clear, in tune with yourself, full of positive energy and feeling good about what you are eating. Now, that’s a way to really feel “satisfied”.

Feeling too full from overindulging is a great sign that you need to return to the positive, raw food way of eating. You just need to tell yourself a new story – redefine satisfied. Notice how your eating habits have changed as a result of adopting a raw food diet. And, congratulate yourself – look how far you have come!