Now we are going to talk about how to read the energy of your friends. Of course, this is going to differ with the closeness of that friend. A “best” friend might be as clear as day and you are probably so familiar that the “vibe” you get is obvious in the first few seconds. Still, keep in mind that it is energy that you are feeling even when you think you are merely being observant. Being observant is reading energy.

Now, a bit more complicated are friends that you aren’t as close to. Maybe you see each other every few weeks or months. We are talking about friends that you DO see – not merely “facebook” friends.

Ok – all that in mind… We are going to start talking about “the zone”. That is when you can quiet your own mind enough to draw your attention to the other person. It is not merely thinking about what you have to do that day and looking at the other person while your mind is somewhere else. I’m talking about slowing yourself down enough to really see that person. Look into their eyes.

Did you know that babies and dogs connect with their owners/parents when that person looks at their eyes. It’s funny, after I heard that I noticed that when I let my dog in from outside, he looks at me and waits for me to look at him – in the eyes.

So, look at that person – really take them in and look into their eyes (in a friendly way – don’t want to creep anyone out!) If you can do that, the person will naturally calm down and you’ll get to feel what they are feeling, thereby reading their energy.

Ok – try it out!! The next entry on being sensitive to others will be about strangers. How is that possible, you ask? Wait and see!!

~ Sonia