For Part 2 we are going to look at how you can be sensitive to the energies of your family. First off, I want to talk about the energy of children, particularly your own. The energy of children is absolutely clear and straightforward. They have absolutely no skills at keeping emotions in check and their beautiful, naive souls shine right through. If a child smiles, he/she is happy. If they cry, something is wrong. If they look at you and their eyes light up, they are happy to see you. By the way – did you all know that when you look at someone you love your pupils get bigger?
A little more complex, immediate family. The best read on family takes place at a gathering. As soon as someone walks into the house, you can judge the mood. Why is that? Well, you are usually looking for it! I wonder if my sister-in-law is going to start a fight today? I wonder if my mother-in-law is nervous about this party? Or, while sitting at the dinner table you gather a collective vibe. Wow, someone is in a bad mood (outwardly or not) and everyone is afraid to talk and “you could literally cut through the tension”

You know these people well and you can get a read immediately without mannerisms. I can walk into my sister-in-law’s house and know if she’s happy or something is bothering her. My mom can just pick up the phone and basically without saying anything at all, or in the least “hello”, I get a vibe if something is bothering her.

If you want to practice, try to withhold judgement about a certain family member – particularly one that is hard to deal with. When that person begins to get on your nerves, notice your reaction to that person. Do you feel a lump in your throat holding back something you’d like to say? Do you get a “knot” in your stomach?

Seems like pretty obvious stuff but it’s important to know that you ARE reading energy and that it’s fairly easy to do so.

Part 3 coming soon!

~ Sonia