You can’t take a step forward without knowing where you are standing. Living in the present moment is one of the secrets to life, in my opinion. If we can truly bring ourselves to where we are at this very moment, we are not stressed about the future or regretful of the past. Of course, we can also just be happy where we are and if so, why not stay here as long as you can?

What are you doing this very moment? You are reading this! Where are you? Are you sitting down? Is the chair comfortable? Is there any noise around you? (and if so, just notice it without an opinion) Does any part of your body hurt? Feel something tactile – your hands on the keyboard, your clothing against your skin… and, of course, your breathing. Maybe you are someplace where you can close your eyes for a moment and consider these questions.

Guess what? You were in the present moment!! Even if only for a moment. You accepted where you are. Good for you!!

Now, give some thought to where you are emotionally – any other sensations such as love, anger, fear, longing, happiness….

Just take notice of that and try your best to do just a few minutes of practice being in the present at least once a day and keep track of your emotions in a very non-committal way – as if you are just naming them. Such as, “Wow, I’m really afraid that my boss is not going to like my report” Then say, “Oh, I’m feeling “fear”.

“What now?” you ask… practice this for a few days and I’ll talk about where to go from here.

Peace and love, Sonia