I just want to say again that my decision to eat vegan is almost entirely about the positive effects on my body. I have had an interest in eating this way for some time – I’d say I’ve dabbled as a vegetarian for a good five years or so. My interest in the recipes and way of eating drifted into trying new recipes. I actually gained weight at first loading up on cheese, breads and pastas. I’d drift in and out as my family continued to eat animal products. I heard about a raw food way of eating and when I ate that way for several weeks, WOW did I feel great. Hard to stick to 100% but well worth it if you can!

It’s been a gentle progression. I was off dairy for a while and then found out that I’m lactose intolerant. I never liked eggs to begin with. I love veggies and as I’ve been drifting into a vegan way of eating it’s become a real evolution and it’s been a gentle progression. And, I still drift in and out at times.

I want to make sure that my readers don’t think they have to change their way of eating immediately. Actually, slow and steady wins the race with this one. Take it easy on yourself and make it an exploration of new territory – make it fun!

~ Sonia