The easiest place to begin feeling the energy of other people is with people that you love and/or have a strong connection with. We know people by how they act, look and our history of what these people do and say and feel. That only tells us about 50% – 75% of the story. Each person has their own energy and we have feelings toward other people reacting to their energy.

If someone you love walks in the room you “light up”. That body walked in the room as well as the personality. Perhaps they smiled at you and their eyes lit up as well. Maybe you have an intense attraction to that person and you feel a spark or a zap when you see them.

That same person could walk through the door and be angry about something. Yes, you can see it on their face but it might also blow you across the room and feel uncomfortable or maybe it frightens you. That is all energy and how you react is your response to that energy. A bit more subtle, you can feel the mood that person is in without any cues from their face or speech. You know this person well so you can detect the smallest shifts in their energy.

If you share a deep connection with someone, practice “feeling” them even if they aren’t in your presence. You don’t necessarily have to have your eyes closed but “tune in” to that person. Feel how you feel when you have been with that person. Picture their smile and the feelings you have shared together. Think of that person as vividly as you can. Good – feel the energy of that person? I guarantee that when you do they are thinking of you, too.

Great work – the next section will be on family members.
Have a great weekend!
~ Sonia