I was chatting with a friend recently, talking about goals and dreams. I was saying that there is always something that we want to achieve – something that’s out there that our heart desires that would make you “blow your mind happy”.

My friend replied that thinking that way implies that your life isn’t good right now and you will always look to the future or some “thing” that will make you happy. I can see the validity in that point of view but even hearing her say that made my heart drop just a little bit. Of course, if you are very happy and complete and have attained all of your goals that is fantastic. But, what is a goal?

Well, I have a goal for today – I’d like to stick with my diet, look up a new vegan recipe and try it out for dinner tonight. I’d also like to create and finalize a meditation related to weightloss by  the end of the week. My life is very happy and complete right now. I think if you look at long term goals you need to realize that you set and achieve goals every day.

So –  I happen to know that the friend I speak of has goals and here are some of them. She wants desperately to lose weight. She would love to add an addition to her house. She would like to redo her bathroom. She wants to help her daughter raise her grade in math. She loves to sing and I’ve heard her say that she’d love to sing in a group – maybe a chior.

So there you go. I know she is very happy in her life right now but look at the partial list of goals, desires and dreams. Those are the ones she says out loud. I bet there are a few of secret wishes as well.

What are your goals, desires and dreams? Think about them and, better yet, write them down!