I just think it’s so funny that you can drive like hell to get something and never get there until you let go of the wheel. It’s just everywhere in life and being patient drives me crazy! So, let me bring that back around to raw foods and dieting. You can try forever and keep banging into the same brick wall. But, if you see your way before you – your vision, your goal – right out there in the bright sunlight… then, set your intention and let the “universe” take you right where you need to go AT THE PACE IN WHICH YOU NEED TO GET THERE!!

I know with certainty that there are so many things in my life that went as they should and others that I tried to control like crazy that didn’t work out simply because I tried to control them like crazy. There is a “right time”, too. You may think you want to change your life, a dress size, your job or relationship but in your heart you are not ready. Please don’t fault yourself. You really do know best when you are ready and trust yourself.

You will get there.

~ Sonia