I’ve been on the verge of a breakthrough recently about one thing (of many!) that I’ve been hiding from using food. I am learning that so much of the reason that we hold onto things like addictions is not because we are afraid of moving forward but afraid of looking back. Yes, I know this is standard therapist fare, but my point here is that it might be something small but still not acknowledged. I don’t think you necessarily have to go all the way back to blame your parents. (once you’ve done that a hundred times!) There are things that are less obvious that would cause us pain if we went back and worked through them properly and saw them out. I recently read The Four Agreements. I plan on sharing my take on it in the next few blogs. One insight that I thought was interesting is that you are only through something if when you remember it you have no feeling about it at all. That’s a short list, right? Karen, my coach, did a meditation yesterday where for a short time you are sitting in a safe, secluded place where you address things that you need to process and let go of no matter how much you want them. You can’t get them back and you have to let them go and feel the loss, profound loss. Speak your truth. Look where you don’t expect it.