“Wow – you look great! it looks like you’ve lost 20 pounds!” Well, I am still only down 15 but that made my day/week!! How did I do it? The perfect opportunity to share the idea of a raw food diet. So, how do I do it? Well, I certainly can’t do justice in a blog post. But, here is a quick reply if you happened to be standing in front of me and we had about five minutes to talk. So, I’m not getting into my bio or history here.

Well, I happen to really like fruit and vegetables so it’s easy for me to make most of my meals consist of fresh produce. I usually start the day off with a green smoothie. I might use spinach, peeled cucumber, mango, papaya, whatever fruit I have on hand.

For lunch, I generally have a salad. There are so many possible salads and so many are so delicious. Today I had sprouted Quinoa with chopped mint, orange bell pepper, tomatoes from my garden and chopped carrot. I put a little olive oil on it and a few dashes of sea salt. Delicious!!

I actually have what my husband cooks for dinner, which is healthy, but not raw. Then, I’ll add a veggie to fill up 1/2 of the plate. It’s so easy. I mean, when I say it like this it doesn’t look like I’m deprived whatsoever, right? I’m not!

My friend who asked said that he’s doing slim fast. You can’t compare the two, of course. I went into the physical benefits, which I’ve said all over the blog, no more rosacea (is probably the biggest of all because I have been SO self-conscious about that for so long), discovering I’m lactose intolerant, streamlined digestion… on and on.

Surely, eating this way is pumping nutrients and antioxidants into your body so it’s a win win. I’m successful at it because of the fact that it’s very easy. Once I’m in the groove, I actually don’t have to think much about what I’m eating and that alone allows me to look at other areas of my life with the energy to take action, enjoy, make positive changes, etc.

At the beginning of the week I plan out two or three raw recipes that I love or ones that I’d like to try. I get those ingredients at the grocery store as well as my spinach, fruit, lettuce and other veggies for dishes I happen to be into at the moment. My husband and I are crazy about zucchini cut like angel hair pasta (in the spiral slicer) and topped with tomato sauce. It’s so good! I also got a head of red cabbage because I shred that in salads and I use it as a salad on it’s own with chopped apples, olive oil & balsamic. I also make hummus and tabouleh about once a week as well. So, I have on stock tahini, nuts, dried cranberries, dates and grab-food such as apples, bananas, carrots, etc.

I’ve said this a few places now that it’s interesting how people will say that is way too limiting but I have to remind people that by and large people have very little variation in their weekly menu. At least try it. 🙂

So, that’s the not-long and the short of it. Now, I go into FAR more detail in any of my books or coaching programs but I find that I am asked often where I only have a few minutes to explain. So, if it seems like it’s something you’d like to find out about – let me know!!! sonia@rawreconnect.com